Random number generator

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check whether the results of the draw are fair or forged?

The only reliable way to check draw results is to visit the draw results page on our website. Results from other sources (for example, on the website of an organizer, printed on paper, etc.) don't guarantee authenticity.

Also pay attention to the field "Similar drawings." If you find other drawings in this field, please check whether it is the same drawing, organized several times.

Which algorithms are used for drawing lots?

For all drawings very high quality randomization algorithms are used: "Mersenne twister" and "Fisher–Yates shuffle."

How to enter Facebook fans?

It is very convenient to organize Facebook competitions' drawings with our independent draw system. There are special functions, which will clear the lists of participants (Facebook fans) from unnecessary information, leaving only fans’ names. You only need to copy and paste full list of fans and check a checkbox "Facebook users list, who clicked "Like/Share", copied ".
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